Sian Kelly



"Blood Bowl", Performance, Detail
Kudoslive, Kudos Gallery, 2017. Photography: Kieran Butler






"Blood bowl" 2017


“Blood Bowl" is a durational, 40 minute interactive performance in which the artist offers a vessel of wine to those in the audience who identify with the experience of female-ness or femininity.

It critiques the assumption of the symbol of blood as historically masculine, and celebrates the symbol's imbedded femininity.


"Is This The End-o?", Ceramic Sculpture
AD Space Gallery, 2017






"Is This the end-o?", 2017

"Is This The End-o?" is a larger-than-life ceramic self portrait which depicts the experience of endometriosis within gender-queer bodies.
The portrait addresses the failure of the artist's female sexual organs, and questions the legitimacy of the artist's intimate attachment to femininity within their gender identity.

"Plato's Symposium #1" Drawing
Kudos Emerging Artist and Designer Awards, Kudos Gallery





"Plato's Symposium #1", 2017

"Plato's Symposium #1" is a drawn self portrait relating to the "The Myth of Aristophanes", a narrative of Plato's Symposium that paints the original human form as two bodies connected by a spherical centre. The myth imagines three human sexes through this image: male/male; male/female; and female/female, that were smite in half and separated due to their threat to Zeus' power. It has become a symbolic origin of both the gender-queer experience, and the concept of soulmates.

"Plato's Symposium #1 articulates the artist's experience with gender, as well as her experience with a partner- in both instances focusing on the intimacy of sharing of feminine and masculine identities. It stems from a larger body of research on early concepts of gender outside of the binary gender pedagogy.


"Ode to the Moon", Ceramic Costumer and Performance, Still






"Ode to the moon", 2016

Ode To The Moon is a performed movement piece that mimics the flow of liquid and the movement of polyps on the full moon.
It studies the influence of the moon on the reproductive habits of all living beings, with a focus on polyps- that instinctively mass-reproduce on the night of the full moon every month, and the human menstrual cycle. 
In this performance the artist- symbolising menstruation- adorns herself in a ceramic coral body piece and moves through the ebb and flow of the moon's influence. 

"Untitled, Study of Female Form", Drawing







"Untitled, Study of Female Form", 2016

A diptych study of the female body through stillness and movement

"Acid #5", Drawing

Kudos Emerging Artist + Designer Awards, Kudos Gallery






"Acid #5", 2015

"Acid #5" is number five in an ongoing series of stippling drawings that follow the instinctive nature of ink on paper.